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Two of our core products are direct mail and EDDM. We are the design and print firm of choice for many local as well as nationwide companies. Why? Because we take all the hassle out of direct mail and EDDM marketing, and we do it well! So, should direct mail or EDDM be part of your marketing strategy? Yes, and here’s why…

EDDM Direct Mail pieces combined with great graphic design get you noticed

Less Competition –

It doesn’t compete against the internet or television.

Less Likely to Get Lost –

Mass emails are likely to be filtered out of the inbox. Junk mail filters more and more advanced. Social media posts get’s lost in the crowd. However, with direct mail you are almost guaranteed delivery to the intended recipient.

It Can’t Get a Virus –

Email messages can easily pick up viruses which can damage your business reputation.

It Makes a Bigger Impact –

Direct mail will make a footprint in the reader’s brain (TOP OF MIND), much more so than any online marketing. Physically holding something in your hands has a bigger impact than reading an email.

Now, we’re not saying that you should can your digital strategies, but rather strengthen your digital strategies with a supportive direct mail or EDDM campaign.

But, there is more to successful direct mail marketing than meets the eye (no pun intended). The visual communication needs to work together with your brand to deliver a uniform message.

There are 12 key elements that should be included to make your campaign successful. A good creative and a call to action are only a few of them.

We understand that designing a good EDDM or direct mail can be hard. That’s why we are here to help. We offer design services and we are happy to talk to you about your direct mail needs. Just shoot us an email, using the link below.

If you prefer to do your own design, and send us press ready art, that’s fine too.

Here is what you can expect…


First, we work closely with you to find out what your expectations and goals are and what you want to communicate.


Next, we design a unique and custom look that will help your business stand out, all while keeping you as involved as you want to be.

Print & Mail

When the design is completed we will print and mail the collateral so you can do what you do best – or just kick back and relax.

Stand Out

We have many sizes available to make your custom EDDM fit your specific needs and to help your campaign stand out.

Give us a call if you want to know more about direct mail and EDDM and why direct mail or EDDM might be a good choice for you!


We’ll be happy to do a complimentary presentation for your sales team, at your location. And yes you heard us…it’s FREE! No commitment: $0 invested : $0 to lose + $$$ to gain. Now that’s a win-win!


Call CC at 850.393.4605 to book your team presentation on targeted mailing, tips and trends that can help increase your sales.

“5-star rating all the way. They not only looked great but a lot of people took notice. Thank you so much CC for making all my postcards look fabulous”.

~ Simone Peardon

3Sixty Marketing Studio does graphic design and printing

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3Sixty Marketing Studio provides a full range of creative marketing services for corporate branding, promotions, advertising, digital and web design, EDDM and direct mail services as well as printing for local regional and national businesses and organizations.

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