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Why you should hire a professional for your graphic design needs

First, let’s just establish the fact that the design of your collateral can make or break you. As a professional graphic designer, it’s our responsibility to ensure that the visual communication works seamlessly with the company branding. That’s why it doesn’t make sense for a business to cut out professional graphic design when budgets are tight.


Many companies decide to go with a cheaper or even free, online options of ready-made designs and templates. Here are just a few things to think about before you decide to go that route:


  • It is not unusual that the logos are designed in PowerPoint or similar software. This basically makes them worthless to you because it will not produce the correct file format or the resolution needed


  •  Spending $15-25 on a logo might seem like a great saving. However, that logo is built without any research behind it and is not going to elevate your brand.


  • Sooner or later you will need that logo for something besides a business card. Chances are the file you have simply can’t be used for the product you need. The only solution at that point is to have it redone and you will end up paying for the same thing twice. Investing in professional design upfront will save you money down the road
Seasoned designers like ours are important to the future of your business because we:
  • will create designs that ad confidence to your brand – an amateurish look will directly affect, and possibly damage a prospect client’s confidence in you and your company


  • pay much attention to create design collateral that make a good first impression – without a good design, the first impression is often the last, especially in the business world


  • develop custom and unique designs for your business to set you apart from your competition


  • create eye-catching visuals to keep you memorable
Let’s break it down. We…


do our homework – we

get to know your business and your objectives with each piece to ensure it fits in your overall marketing collateral suite


keep an eye on what your competitors are doing

stay on top of trends so your collateral won’t look outdated


design to specific industry standards – we

guarantee that the correct software is used and projects are saved in the correct format to successfully be printed by any printer


provide you with the proper files for print as well as digital use AND make sure you know which files to use when and where.


Note: The RGB color space, which is used for digital design (think monitors and screens), creates colors by adding layers of light (simply put) and can produce 16,777,216 colors. For offset printing, we use the CMYK color space. Well we can’t print with light, so we use ink. With ink, we can only produce a small fraction of the colors your monitor can display in the RGB space. This is why, if your designer made your logo in RGB, it will look very different when printed.


deliver expert creatives – we

hear it all the time; someone has an uncle whose daughter is dating a guy who does design. Well, good for him, BUT, the fact that he has a Photoshop login, doesn’t make him a designer.


understand how colors, shapes and typography work together. We use this knowledge to create informed design that will speak to your audience


listen to your ideas and make any creative recommendations needed to communicate your message and brand. We then use that information to create a visual design to capture your audience


speak our minds, in a nice way – we

love when our clients come to use with ideas about design, layout and colors. Sometimes that works out really well – other times, not so much. We will tell you if the ideas just don’t fit the project, the objective, or the end product – or worse – they are outdated and will actually make your brand look “yesterday.”


will give you our honest opinion and show you alternatives, before you end up spending money on a project that won’t perform.


put our stamp of approval on everything we do. There is a sense of pride that comes with that, and we just won’t settle for something that won’t work for you, or you are not happy with.


Someone less professional will create what you are asking for, take your money and close the job.


save you time

Running a business today is very time consuming. You have better things to do than spending your time learning new software so you can try to create a logo or brochure. Leave that to us!


save you money – we

have worked in the pressroom. We know the technical ins and outs and the most cost effective ways to design each project in order to keep your printing costs to a minimum.


have clients coming to us for help after spending weeks in a free publisher program, just to find out that it can’t be saved in a format accepted by their printer. Or, they will be charged a hefty amount of money to have it converted.


will design all your collateral in a format compliant with the end usage


design to stand out

Buying that logo online for a few bucks might sound like a great way to save money. And there are probably thousands of other business owners looking at that same logo, thinking the same thing…get the point? That “money saving”  online design will make you look… just like the rest and no one will ever remember you. It could even cost you thousands of dollars in lost opportunities.


keep things consistent

One of the biggest mistakes companies do when it comes to branding is lack of consistency in their visual communication. Different department use a different concept, colors, fonts, styles, layouts and tones on each piece.

We will design a seamless look, using the right styles and fonts in the right places consistently to ensure that everything communicates your brand in a cohesive way.


last but not least – guarantee experience!

The owner of 3SIXTY has over 30 years of experience as a graphic designer for print and digital platforms and has spent a big part of her professional life in the pressroom. There is a knowledge and understanding of design for production that only comes with that hands-on experience. We take that knowledge and put it to work for you!



In today’s busy world, consumers are constantly bombarded with thousands of messages. Everyone wants their attention.


Your brand is the most important aspect of your business and must be developed correctly – after all, it is the foundation on which your future success is built. Don’t trust your marketing collateral design, brochure design or any custom graphic design with just anyone.


3SIXTY have some of the best graphic designers in the Pensacola area – let us help with your next marketing project.


Remember – the visual aspect of communication is the #1 influencer on your audience

3Sixty Marketing Studio does graphic design and printing

Some of the products we provide graphic design and printing for:

Business Cards



Exhibition Supplies


Post Cards


Promotional Items

Annual Reports



Business Signs

Rack Cards



EDDM Services




Marketing Collateral

Direct Mail



Door Hangers

3Sixty Marketing Studios provides a full range of creative marketing services for corporate branding, promotions, advertising, digital and web design, EDDM and direct mail services as well as printing for local regional and national businesses and organizations.

“As an owner of a marketing firm, I always used awesome graphic designers for my projects. As I moved into social media marketing, I was told to try online, low cost designers. I’ve tried that route twice and both times, it was a disaster. I had to pay a graphic designer to design what I really wanted: a quality logo. While it’s tempting to be lured in to the online world by the cheap prices, at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. It’s hard to know if the person, whom you can’t speak with, is really located in the US or another country and as I said, you can’t talk to them.
Work with someone you know, who gives you great customer service, like Cissi, and someone you know is talented and will deliver quality work. Thanks Cissi for the great work you’ve done for me!

~Diane Leone

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