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Your logo – the signature of your business

First things first – what is a logo?

It is the immediate visual recognition, the face, of your business.


It’s a tool to communicate and represent the message of your brand.


It is a PART OF your BRAND and IDENTITY and the three must work together, seamlessly.


A logo can be made up of logotype (letters),  a logomark (icon) or both.

What should a logo do?

A good logo design should reflect quality of work and professionalism. It should connect the consumer with your brand. Often, it is the first impression of your business – don’t let it be the last. It is also one of your most valuable assets, and should be given a lot of thought and research. After all, it will function as the bridge between a product/service and its target audience. The success of your business depends greatly on the quality of your logo – just another reason why you should hire a professional who will give your logo the time of day it needs. A good design should be:

1. Simple – quickly recongnized and not overdone

2. Memorable – have impact and leave a good impression

3. Timeless – think not too trendy, but rather longevity

4. Responsive – it should work in any size, on any platform

5. Appropriate – fit your brand

6. Targeted – Speak to your audience

7. Distinct – be unique and stand out from your competition

The bigger picture

Your logo should not live on its own but be a part of your overall brand strategy. So let’s straighten out the question marks about identity and branding and where your logo fit in.


Identity – is the way your brand is presented to your audience. A corporate identity includes a style guide on how the logo, type, colors photos and tone should be used in order to support your brand. It includes the logo design and can include other marketing collateral such as print brochures and direct mail; packaging design, stationery, digital media, email, social media and more.


Brand – simply put, is not your service or product, but how consumers feel about it, and the impression your company leaves. It’s the company promise. Your brand is shaped  by your customers experience.

A brand should:

  • Deliver the message in a clear way
  • Confirm your credibility 
  • Emotionally connect your target prospects with your product and/or service
  • Motivate the buyer to buy
  • Create and maintain reputation to promote user loyalty
Logo is the centerpiece of your brand

We can help

As a business owner, your logo should be important to you. After all, it will be the visual communication between your business and the consumer. It will play a huge role in how well customers percieve your brand.

That’s why we don’t take logo design lightly, but take a strategic approach to create an identity that’s 100% custom and tailored to represent your business in print as well as on the web. The process has several phases, which each, need it’s time.

Discover: We start with the interview and question session. Then we RESEARCH your business, your target audience as well as your competitors and the industry.

Design: We utilizie the information captured to sketch up ideas that we review together with you. We go back and make any alterations needed. We set the tone for the logo, find what colors might or might not work. We decide what fonts and type treatments will work best with your brand while paying close attention to layout and composition.

Develop: This is the fun part – Based on the design concept we bring your project to life. Content and artwork are produced, styles and guidelines formulated. There are no surprises; our clients are involved throughout the process.

Deliver: In todays world, you are likely to implement your logo in many different media, as part of your branding strategy so it is imperative that your logo is adaptable. This is why we include a suite of your logo to fit every need. And, we are here to support you with any additional formats and files you might want.


3SIXTY is an award winning design and marketing studio with over 30 years experience in the industry. 

Cissi…. your great creativity has made all of my adventures very successful with amazing marketing and promotion and with the best logo designs, including award winning business cards. I highly recommend you for any marketing; promotional; and or branding needs.”

~Michele Sutherland  | President at Velocity Made Good

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