Poor Business Card Template

Not-So-Great Trends or Why you should use a professional graphic designer – Part 1

“Affordable” Fill-in-the-blank business card templates

That awkward moment when you’re networking and somebody hands you a card – identical to one you saw 2 days ago stapled to a sheet on the local grocery store bulletin, offering dog walking. Same card, just different info…

Yes, we have all seen the overused template designs, and yes, I completely understand trying to keep costs down as you start up a new business, but shaving off in the branding and identity department is not the place to do it.

Just think about it for a second. The generic template is not created with your business in mind and therefore will not represent you or your product and services in a unique way. It will do nothing for your business to stand out against your competition when put next to them.

And speaking about branding, chances are your website and other marketing collateral won’t be cohesive since many templates won’t allow you to download the raw design files.

The low design cost often transfers over to the stock it’s printed on as well. “Get full color design on our premium card-stock.”  Sounds great, right? Maybe not so much when you receive your cards a few days later and realize that the “premium stock” is just slightly thicker than the paper in your copy machine.

And let’s not forget; your business card is often the first impression a prospect client gets of your business. Take a look at the card you’re handing out as you promote yourself. What is your business card saying about you?

So before you print up your next set of cards, call around and get some quotes on a custom design and printing that will present your business in a unique way. Don’t let an “affordable” card cost you valuable business. After all, would you trust a builder who uses the same business card designs as the teenager who walks your dog? That “affordable” card might have cost you some valuable business.

Cissi Milford has 28 years experience in the graphic design and pre-press field. She is the owner of 3SIXTY Design and Printing.com franchise.

“Why fit in when you can stand out?”


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