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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQ’s we are asked most often in our industy. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us by clicking here.

What is the Value of Graphic Design?
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. The impact that graphic design can have on your brand is worth thousands of dollars. Graphic design is an effective way of communicating with your audience to build a stronger brand.
Why is Logo Design Important?
Business logo design is an essential part of any successful marketing plan. A perfectly designed logo is completely unique and applies colors and concepts that reflect the culture and values of the business. This is the type of logo that makes an important connection with potential customers.
Why Is Creative Advertising Important?
An advertisement is only as good as the attention it attracts. Creativity in advertising makes for ad campaigns that grab their intended audience and deliver an impactful message. For an ad to be effective it can’t just stand out –– it has to create awareness of its presence and essential value. This is what makes the audience stop and reflect.
What is Brand Identity & Branding?
This includes the name, tones, logo, typeface and shapes used to create an appeal. This is not the same as Brand Identity, which is the vital message the consumer must receive from the products and people of the business. For best effects, this message must run seamlessly through every aspect of your marketing campaign.
What is the Importance of Infographics?
Infographics are a very useful tool for providing a large amount of information in a very digestible presentation. Using graphics, colors, charts and other visual data, the infographic can be used to provide persuasive and eye-catching data that is especially relevant to your audience.
What Is Display Advertising?
Banner advertising or display advertising is a type of advertising where a commercial message is conveyed visually using logos, texts, videos, animation, photos, or other types of graphics. Quite often display advertisers target users who have specific traits in order to increase the effectiveness of their ads.
Why are Interactive PDFs Beneficial?
When your information is delivered in the form of interactive PDFs it achieves the objective of getting your information out while allowing your readers to respond without having an internet connection. Presentations are not one-way any longer, and there is a fairly simple learning curve when it comes to designing interactive PDFs.
Why Is Having Great Banners & Signs So Important?
Banners are easy to transport, lightweight, and simple to install. They are cost-effective as well since they are so easy and quick to manufacture. Both interior and exterior banners are quite durable
What are the Differences Between Creative Direction and Art Direction?
The scope of responsibilities is the main difference between the two. An art director, by definition, is solely focused on aesthetics. By contrast, a creative director handles art direction, campaign execution, strategy, and much more.
Why are Pocket Folders Important in Business?
They are a useful tool to help keep important documents organized and to present them in a professional way to others. Pocket folders are also referred to as presentation folders and include one or several pockets that can be made out of various materials such as vinyl or paper.
Are Brochures Effective Marketing Still?
Since many individuals retain visual information much better than spoken words, brochures can make a big impact in many situations. So, yes, I think they are! Brochures are still highly effective when it comes to marketing businesses. It is important to ensure that your brochure is designed and written to convert your prospects.
What Benefits are Provided by Desktop Publishing?
Desktop publishing allows you to minimize your production costs, increase productivity, enhance your documents’ appearance, improve your creativity, produce customized documents, and reduce your printing time.
What are Business Flyers?
They are a type of paper advertisement that can be widely distributed and is usually distributed and posted in public places, sent by mail, or handed out to people. Flyers can be inexpensive photocopied leaflets all the way up to full-color, glossy, expensive circulars.
What is an NCR Form?
It is a multi-part form made out of carbonless copy paper (or NCR paper). These forms allow for multiple copies of an impact-printed or handwritten document to be created at the same time. NCR forms may be made to be used as handwritten forms that are manually filled out with a pen.
What is Content Marketing Services?
It is a type of marketing that focuses on the creation, publication, and distribution of content for a targeted online audience. Businesses often use it to help attract attention for their business and to expand their base of customers and generate leads. It also helps to increase and generate sales online.
Who Can Benefit From Digital Marketing Services?

The following are 6 kinds of companies that can benefit from Digital Marketing: 

  1. Law Firms. Although 75% of law firms do not have a digital marketing strategy, they can definitely benefit from having one. 
  2. Food Companies
  3. Moving Companies
  4. Entertainment
  5. Auto Dealerships
  6. Healthcare
Is Having Business Banners Necessary?

Since business banners are weatherproof and durable, companies can really benefit from being able to advertise outside. Banners can be used to promote special events or sales or to advertise your brand to an unlimited number of prospective customers. It is also a very inexpensive form of advertising. 

How Much Does Designing Business Cards Cost?

Designing great business cards can range from free up to thousands of dollars. Most startups and small businesses try to balance their need for staying within their budgets with having a high-quality design. For these types of situations, a good design will usually cost $199 to $999

Why Is Having a Good EDDM so Important?

The following are reasons why EDDm is such a great marketing tool for companies of all sizes to use. 

  1. All Marketing Comes Down Ultimately to the Local Level 
  2. EDDM is Affordable and Scalable 
  3. Is Not Only for Small Businesses and Startups 
  4. A Postage Permit is not Required 
  5. No Address List is Needed 
  1. A Format for Special Offers and Coupons
What is Book Cover Design?

The process of designing a book cover involves getting the author’s manuscript into the reader’s hands, by giving it a material form. Instead of “telling” something, a successful book cover makes a reader ‘feel’ things. 

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