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It’s a brave new world for businesses and organizations with so many marketing strategies available. These days, any business can launch a marketing campaign to reach prospects and new leads. Direct mail marketing received massive traffic in 2018 as compared to other forms of digital advertising platforms combined. 

So, what is direct mail marketing? This is the process of creating and sending advertisement materials via mail promoting your business. It involves things like list building and audience research for the strategy to work. What is direct mail? This mail comes in an array of formats and involves advertising mail without the consent of the recipient. Here are the benefits of hiring 3SIXTY Marketing Studio for your Direct Mail advertising campaign:

Targeted Mailing Lists With Direct Mail Services


For your direct mail campaign strategy to work, you need to get your message to the right audience to get results. If your campaign targets the wrong people, then it’s as good as done. 3SIXTY Marketing Studio offers various mailing list options that will assist you in reaching ideal prospects. Their targeted mailing lists pinpoint the specific addresses and demographic you want your message to reach. Targeted lists help you reach a more defined group which boosts customer response and engagement. 3SIXTY Marketing Studio can segment your list by any criteria you want, so you can be as specific as you want. This way, you get to control who receives the message.

Their team of direct mail pros work together with you to find the geographic location and group you want. After that, they’ll procure the mailing list, custom design the direct mail pieces, so your business stands out, print, then mail them out. Advantages of targeted direct mail include:

  • The message reaches a more defined and qualified target group.
  • One can access lists from any business niche.
  • Can custom the message to meet the needs and desires of prospective customers.
  • It’s more relevant to the audience, which leads to greater response and engagement.

Saturation With Direct Mail Services


For your business to attract new customers, raise brand awareness or increase sales, the most important thing to do is get your name out there. It targets everyone within a certain geographic location, proving to be an effective and economical way of boosting your brand exposure. 3SIXTY Marketing Studio will work with you in selecting the mailing addresses of an area then handle the rest on your behalf. Getting your brand name out there consistently will only make it easier for people to be familiar and more likely to buy from you. These professionals will help you. 

Choosing the design and right target audience in your mailing list is key, which is why you need professionals like 3SIXTY Marketing Studio, who are conversant with all the underlying factors involved. They offer an effective marketing strategy that’s affordable to both large and small businesses. So if you’re interested in their direct mail marketing services, call 850.393.4605 for a free no-obligation quote, or you can shoot them an email at CC@3SixtyMKGT.com.

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