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To most people, modern marketing is banner ads, email or social media posting. While all of these marketing techniques are useful, there are limits to what you can achieve with online marketing methods. 

Many consumers use ad-blocking tools and have filters that will block marketing emails. Even if they don’t use such things they might just tune out marketing content instinctively. Emails can languish unread, and social media posts get mindlessly scrolled past as the user looks for what actually interests them; posts from their friends.

The Value of a Good Old-Fashioned Postcard- EDDM


As strange as it might seem at first, the good old-fashioned postcard still has a place in marketing. Every Door Direct Mail postcards are seeing a resurgence in popularity, and when you stop to think about how they work, it’s easy to understand why:

Every Door Direct Mail ( EDDM) is Inexpensive

When you bulk order postcards for a geographic area, the printing and postage costs can be incredibly affordable. Yes, it costs more than email, however, you’re reaching a clearly defined area so you know that you’re not blasting out an email about a coffee shop in Manhattan and reaching users in Minsk, or London. You know that every postcard counts.

No Permits, No List Building

With EDDM postcards you can simply send a postcard to every house or business in a given area. You don’t have to obtain a permit to do this. There are no issues with data protection or list building. You don’t have to worry about people subscribing or unsubscribing. It’s as hassle-free as marketing can get.

EDDM Postcards Get Noticed

If you post to Twitter and the user you are trying to reach isn’t online, there’s a good chance that by the time they do log on that your post will have been pushed out of their feed by thousands of other posts. If you send an email and it doesn’t get read that day, it may slip away to the darker reaches of “beyond the scroll bar” in their email client.


EDDM Postcards, on the other hand, get noticed. The post arrives in their letterbox and gets collected and dealt with. Each person you send the postcard too will pick it up, handle it and take in the message. They may throw it out, or they may keep it if they decide that it is of interest. In which case it will sit there on the counter until they decide to do something about it.

Even if your eddm postcard does get thrown out, they will have to see your brand name and your marketing message. When you send another postcard a few weeks later that message will get reinforced. The end result is that the people who are interested in your product or service will have had that all-important exposure to your brand. When you consider that you can send postcards for around $0.1675 per home, with print, processing, and delivery all factored in, every door direct mail starts to make sense as a method of reaching your target audience.

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