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One of the biggest challenges of building a brand name for yourself is cutting through the noise that is generated by all the other brands in your space. Building a successful business is not easy, and you need to ensure that you can produce a quality message if you want your brand to succeed. 

The quality and appearance of your marketing materials can make a massive difference to how your brand is perceived. Whether that’s the format of your annual report, the look of your packaging or the type of printing that you choose for your flyers, first impressions count.


Promotional Products Keep People Thinking About Your Brand


Promotional products are one form of effective and affordable marketing that can often get overlooked. Take a look at your office desk. Do you have pens with the phone number or a brand name of a major supplier printed on them? Are you using the notepad from the last hotel you stayed at as a handy scratch-pad? Do you have a tote bag or keyring from a conference that you use every day?

Those promotional products cost the brand owners very little to have made, but they generate goodwill and serve as effective marketing tools. The impact that they can have on your brand image is well documented:


  • – Eight out of ten consumers in the United States have at least one promotional product that they use regularly
  • – Six out of ten consumers will retain a promotional product for up to two years.
  • – Around 85% of consumers will do business with a company after retaining a promotional item
  • – Almost one-third of consumers in the United States have a bag which was a promotional gift
  • – 63% of consumers give away promotional items that they don’t need, amplifying the advertising message for no effort on the brand’s part!

Pensacola Promotional Products

The above statistics were published by SageWorld, and make it clear that promotional products amplify the reach of brands and are powerful advertising tools. Let’s imagine you run a window company. If you give away pens and fridge magnets to new homeowners, and then a homeowner suddenly finds themselves in need of a new window one day, who are they going to call? Would they get out the phone book and look for a window company or would they just call the number that is in plain sight on the fridge?

If you get a low toner warning on your ink cartridge will you search for the best deal on a price comparison website, or order online from the supplier that gave you that lovely pen you’ve been using for the last few months?

Promotional products keep brand names in the minds of consumers on a consistent basis. That repeated exposure really does make a difference, and when products can cost just a dollar or two each in some cases, it makes sense to invest in them for that brand recognition and that goodwill. There are some things that you really cannot put a price on, and exposure is one of them.  Contact 3SIXTY Marketing Studio Today by calling (850) 393-4605

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