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Building a thriving brand is not easy. If you’re hoping to grow your business and improve awareness of your company among your target audience then you will need to work hard to create a brand development strategy.

Brand development is a practice that involves multiple aspects of promotion, marketing, and branding. To market effectively you will need to have a strong ‘brand’, and that means a good logo, tagline, title, and marketing message. You will have probably noticed that the best brands have a strong “voice”. Some brands are quirky, some are formal, some are brash. One thing is clear though – the best brands are consistent in how they communicate because they have a clear target audience and they don’t want to alienate them by diluting the message.

How Brand Development Builds A Strong Marketing Foundation


Having a good brand strategy will help you to improve the perception of your company so that it will stand out in a world full of ‘me-too’ competitors. You need to demonstrate that your company is different and that it has a “killer app” or some form of “added value”. How you do that depends on what you are selling. At 3SIXTY Marketing Studio we can help you figure out the message that best depicts your brand in a positive light.

A good brand strategy will improve customer retention and loyalty. Retaining the customers you have is less expensive, and less stressful, than attracting new ones. If you have good loyalty you can make your marketing budget go further and you can also turn your customers into powerful brand advocates, expanding your reach.

The right branding foundations will also help you with your employees. When you have engaged and motivated employees it is much easier for you to attract and retain customers. Your employees follow your brand, and if you do not give them a clear brand to follow then the service they provide will be disjointed. Present a strong image, and they will live up to it because they want to see the company they work for grow and thrive.

Send a Strong Marketing Message With Brand Development 


Every piece of marketing that you do, from the way your storefront looks to the emails you send and the banner on your website, should be professional and clear. At  3SIXTY Marketing Studio, we have many years of expertise in working with brands from all over the world and we can help you to identify your brand and to build upon it with clear imagery, slogans, behaviors, and messages. Whether you’re a growing startup or an established firm hoping to expand we can work with you to turn your vision for your company into a reality.


Brand development is an ongoing effort and not something that you can do once and forget about. If you would like to start on the right path towards developing a powerful and cohesive brand then call us today. We will help you to find your own true brand identity.

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